Important For A Healthy Mouth

A dental cleaning (“prophy”) is usually performed by a Registered Dental Hygienist (RDH) who has undergone extensive education and training to be certified to clean teeth and provide gum treatments in a dental office setting. This is often the next step in the dental examination and treatment process and is extremely important to keep the bone and gums strong and healthy.

With very small scalers, which are like little curved scrapers, the Hygienist can carefully remove those hardened deposits of plaque (Tartar) that have formed in the gum pockets.In more difficult cases, she can use an “ultrasonic” scaler which uses micro-vibrations to loosen up the crusty deposits and gently vibrate them off the tooth. In the last step she will use a mildly abrasive tooth polish and rubber cup to remove enamel stains, polish your teeth, and give you that slick-fresh feeling of a clean mouth!

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