Quality Dentures Take Time

Medical science is only now developing the technology to effectively replace a missing part of the human body lost either to trauma or disease. And the fabrication of these marvelous limbs took years to develop and manufacture. We also believe in taking the time to make your new smile.

Fortunately, dentistry long ago invented the materials and techniques to replace missing teeth with a high level of skill, function, and unbelievable naturalness. The dentists at WNC Dental carry on that careful craftsmanship and clinical know-how to get your smile back if you have suffered from years of dental problems and missing teeth. Our dentures and partials are made using the classical method called a “packed” denture whereby the acrylic denture base and teeth are heat processed under pressure for many hours to give the most durable, stain resistant, and life-like denture.

There are quicker methods called a “poured” denture that while quicker (often made and delivered the same day) may not produce as dense of an acrylic as the packed heat and pressure method and thus can be weaker and more stain prone than the packed heat and pressure method denture. While our classic technique takes more than just one visit, we feel it provides a better quality denture for our patients that is still affordable and economical.