Offering Affordable Solutions In Dentures

Often a more affordable alternative than dental implants, dentures are removable dental appliances (prosthetics) meant to look and function like natural teeth.

When there are few remaining teeth in poor condition (unrestorable) properly made full dentures can restore your chewing ability and your smile.

The cost of dentures can vary considerably, according to geographical location, the dentist, and type of dentures. Many patients feel that dentures are worth their cost because they help to eliminate the discomfort, eating problems, and embarrassment caused by missing, decayed, and loose teeth.

Dentures Pricing Breakdown

Factors that influence the cost of dentures may include the city in which you live, the dental practice, the type of dentures you require, and the quality of dentures you select. Full dentures are designed to replace an entire arch of teeth, either the upper jaw, the lower jaw, or both, known as a set of dentures. Partial dentures, on the other hand, are for those who have lost only a few teeth and can be an affordable alternative to more costly dental bridge work.

Dentures can be made in a range of quality, from “economy”sets to more customized and durable traditional dentures. WNC Dental wants you to have the best denture we can make for you so no matter what the pay source (insurance or private pay) we make every effort to custom fabricate the best for you. All of our acrylic dentures, partials, relines, etc. at WNC Dental use top quality acrylic resins and teeth from well known dental material manufacturers and are processed in the traditional packing, flasking, and heat processing method for quality results right here in our very own dental laboratory at WNC Dental.

[We do not make "Same Day" Dentures because we feel we cannot do a proper job performing the many steps required to make a durable and aesthetic denture in just one day.]

The Importance of Choosing an Experienced Dentist
Our denture department at WNC Dental has years of experience in denture fabrication and we have full instructional material on getting used to your dentures and the proper way to learn to use and care for them, so whatever your price range, it is important to get your dentures crafted and fit by a well-qualified dentist. In addition to providing patients with a wealth of information regarding a variety dental topics, WNC Dental can help you decide on the right denture package for your budget.

Please understand that while it is our goal to provide you with the best estimated cost for the services that you choose to receive, these are our usual prices. Sometimes, due to clinical issues specific to your case, it is possible that additional services could be required.

Quality Dentures Take Time

Medical science is only now developing the technology to effectively replace a missing part of the human body lost either to trauma or disease. And the fabrication of these marvelous limbs took years to develop and manufacture. We also believe in taking the time to make your new smile.
Fortunately, dentistry long ago invented the materials and techniques to replace missing teeth with a high level of skill, function, and unbelievable naturalness. The dentists at WNC Dental carry on that careful craftsmanship and clinical know-how to get your smile back if you have suffered from years of dental problems and missing teeth.

Our dentures and partials are made using the classical method called a “packed” denture whereby the acrylic denture base and teeth are heat processed under pressure for many hours to give the most durable, stain resistant, and life-like denture.
There are quicker methods called a “poured” denture that while quicker (often made and delivered the same day) may not produce as dense of an acrylic as the packed heat and pressure method and thus can be weaker and more stain prone than the packed heat and pressure method denture. While our classic technique takes more than just one visit, we feel it provides a better quality denture for our patients that is still affordable and economical.

Steps in Making A Denture

There are many many steps in the proper fabrication of a denture that involve the dentist, patient, and dental laboratory technicians. The steps below will give you some idea of what is involved:

How Dentures Are Made

Full dentures replace all of the upper and/or lower teeth. While nothing is as good as sound and healthy natural teeth, dentures have enabled millions of people to chew and smile years after their natural teeth have been lost due to disease or accident.

There are several steps involved in the fabrication of a denture and one must learn to chew and smile with new dentures, much like learning to ride a bike. And once a patient learns to wear proper fitting dentures, they quickly become a more normal part of the patient, much like wearing shoes.

A new and exciting area of modern dentistry are the use of implants to help hold in a denture. An upper denture is usually more stable in the mouth because of suction with the roof of the mouth. A lower denture however is much more difficult to keep in place because of the tongue. Now, very small implants can be placed in the lower ridge and ball-and-socket attachements can fasten the lower denture to the ridge for much better stability.


A partial denture usually replaces several, but not all the teeth on the upper or lower jaw and is removable. They can be made of all acrylic and flexible or have small wire clasps to help hold onto remaining teeth in the mouth. Usually these types of partials are made due to economical considerations or if the remaining teeth are not in the best of health.

Another type of partial uses a cast metal framework under the acrylic and fits very precisely around healthy and sound remaining teeth.