What Our Patients Say

We have the nicest patients in WNC! Here is just a sample of their kind words that motivate us to do our very best every day.


Guilty! Yup, once in a while we do get behind, the human body being somewhat unpredictable at times, and things just start taking longer. But rest assured, we won’t try to make up time with the next patient, you! We are caring and careful with every one of our patients and we appreciate your understanding if something takes longer than expected.

Building codes usually dictate where we can place the handicapped ramp, which is at the other end of our parking lot where we could best block off the space for the larger vehicles delivering wheel-chaired patients. You still get the best VIP treatment we can muster!

This patient obviously did not get the WNC Dental special attention that we pride ourselves on and we apologize! Maybe it was before coffee or maybe we got too wrapped up in clerical matters and got ho-hum in our performance. Ten-hut!

Any distraction is usually welcome while waiting for the dentist but there could be a fistfight over the remote :-)